@tg_feedbot Getting started

TeleFeed bot can be used for redirecting feeds from another group to one group you own.
You can set it up so when a feed comes to SOURCE group's, TeleFeed reads it, applies any changes you want (format, filtering, delay etc) and redirects it to TARGET group's.

To start using @tg_feedbot we will first need to connect our telegram account with the bot using /connect. After that we will use /redirection command to setup redirections.

Step 1:

/connect NUMBER
  • NUMBER: This is the number you want to connect with @tg_feedbot.
  • You will receive a code on your telegram account.
  • Send the code to the bot by adding aa in front such as aa44523
  • Remember to not send the code as it is because telegram will invalidate it making it useless.
  • You should have received a Successfully connected message.
  • If you didn't receive that message it means something went wrong.
  • For more info read: /connect

Step 3:

  • Now you are ready to use tg_feed bot.
  • Next we will setup redirections (forwards) using /redirection command.
  • Before doing this we will need to run /chats NUMBER where number is the number you have connected with the bot to get a list of channels we can use for redirections and their ID.
  • To use this command we will need one (or more) SOURCE and one (or more) TARGET.
  • You can't use the same SOURCE/TARGET two times.
  • For more info read: /redirection
  • Action: Add or remove. This is the action you want to do with the redirection. In our case we will use add to add a redirection
  • REDIRECTIONID: This is a identifier for the redirection we are setting up. In our case we will call it group1
  • CELL: This is the connected number we want this redirection to act upon.
  • Now we need to send the ID's of the channels, groups or users we want to use as SOURCE and TARGET. In our case we will use 941877587 as SOURCE and 1003441287 as TARGET
  • We can setup multiple sources or targets separeting them with ,
  • source1, source2, source3 - target1
  • Every message from source1, source2 and source3 will get redirected to target1 The reverse is possible too, one source sending to multiple targets
  • source1 - target1, target2
  • Every message from source1 will get redirected to target1 and target2


Now you have one redirection active. You can use /redirection NUMBER to show active redirections for the number